Turn an Empty Bottle into a Vase

12 Mar

I have some nips in the refrigerator that I use for cooking, I swear.  This limoncello bottle was so cute – tiny and glass.  I decided to make it into something fabulous.


I rummaged through my ever-growing craft box (which is currently taking over an entire corner of my living room) to find something that would turn this little glass bottle into something I wouldn’t mind my mother seeing on display.  Gone are the days of filling empty vodka bottles with water and the liquid from highlighters to “brighten” up a college dorm room.  From the craft box, I pulled out three things:  my handy-dandy glue gun, scissors and a ball of yarn.

I decided just to wrap the bottle with yarn.  Very simple, yet very cute.  The ribbed edge at the top gave me some problems, so I started wrapping the yarn just underneath it.  I lined the rim with a thin ribbon of glue to secure the yarn at the top, and just wound it all the way around to the bottom.  Another thin line of glue, and it was done!  Five minutes, tops.  I put a silk flower in the bottle to see what it would look like, and I kind of can’t wait for the flowers to start blooming so I can fill my new bud vase!


The more I think about it, the more I like this idea.  You can use any sized bottle, any color of yarn or even ribbon, and make a whole centerpiece.  I think a bunch of different sized bottles in coordinating colors filled with pretty flowers would look great on the dinner table.  They might even make cute favors for a party, or this would be a cool craft for a kid’s party.  Although, with children, I would probably use soda bottles.  Anyway, this is my craft of the week!  Hope you like it.

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