Weigh In: Week Three

16 Mar


No longer empty!

For those of you who have been following me, you might remember my post Getting Fit:  Version 2012.1.  In it, I wrote about my “Pounds to Lose” and “Pounds Lost” jars.  Well, today, I moved two marbles into the “Pounds Lost” jar.  Yup.  I did.

I can honestly say that it was super exciting to see the empty jar become, well, not empty.  I think this was the boost I needed.  Actually seeing your weight loss, while maybe it’s not yet visible on your person, helps you stay motivated. I turned down a delicious looking cupcake this morning because I was so proud of losing those two pounds that I didn’t dare do anything to potentially bring them back.

Was I perfect all week?  Absolutely not.  I ate a St. Joseph’s Day zeppole.  I didn’t work out when I got home like I thought I would.  I took the elevator a few times.  But, I did walk around the block when I arrived at school, and even took an afternoon walk with some of the kids.  I packed healthy lunches full of veggies and snacks full of Greek yogurt and fruit instead of relying on packaged and processed meals.  I tried to remain calm and relaxed, and took a lot, and I mean A LOT, of deep breaths.

Two pounds is two pounds, and this might just be the kick in the pants I needed to get me moving.

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