I Want to Wear Floppy Hats

4 Apr

I have always wanted to wear floppy hats.  I want to be one of the ladies who walks into a crowded space with my floppy hat on who every stares at.  They stare, not because they think I’m silly, but because they are jealous that they didn’t think to wear a big, floppy hat first.  And so, I bought one!


When my boyfriend came home the day of my purchase, I was so excited to show him my new hat.  At first, I thought he’d laugh at me.  His eyes usually go wide and a smirk spreads across his face when he sees the shoes I pick out for our dates.  There was one time when I decided to wear these really adorable peep-toe, grey booties to the casino.  He laughed, thinking I’d never be able to walk around without complaining, let alone keep up with his fast pace.  Well, I won that round, and he was definitely surprised at my lack of whining and the fact that I was ahead of him most of the time.  Since then, he hasn’t really doubted my fashion choices, although I sincerely doubt they matter that much to him anyway.  Not that he doesn’t love me; he just doesn’t care what I wear.

So, back to his reaction and my hat.  Well, when I walked out of the bedroom with my long hair flowing, and my floppy hat precariously perched atop my head, his eyes did widen.  A smile spread across his face.  And he said, “Wow.  You look really good in hats.  I like it.”  That’s verbatim, folks.  I think he saw how happy this crazy hat made me, and he just couldn’t ruin it for me.

Well, over the weekend I finally got to wear my floppy hat!  Ladies at the Maine Stay Inn loved it; I got multiple compliments on my hat.  And when we went to the beach before heading home, it shaded my eyes from the rising sun.

I'm so fancy! hahaha

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