Cardboard Roll or Pillow Gift Box?

5 Apr

If you’re like me, you want to find uses for all the household items that usually get thrown into the recycle bin like toilet paper rolls, plastic bottles, and more.  With Easter just around the corner, there are gifts to be wrapped and I  have no idea where my gift wrapping supplies are.  This left me wondering how I would present my mother with the beaded bracelet I had bought for her.

At the changing of the roll the other day, I found myself analyzing the cardboard roll and its properties.  If I folded the ends in, it looks like a pillow.  A hollow pillow.  A perfect place for a bracelet.

Basic supplies minus the pencil, ruler and scissors

I gathered a piece of pretty scrapbook paper, some double-sided tape, some ribbon, a pencil, a ruler, and some scissors.  To figure out the size of paper I would need, I just lined up the edges of the roll and the paper, making a mark at the top of the tube.  I rolled the tube across the paper and made another mark at the top of the tube.  Connecting the lines gave me a good guideline to cut.  I then made another line down the paper to cut out my rectangle.

Using the double-sided tape on one edge of the paper, I stuck it to the roll.  I made another line of tape in the middle, rolling the tube across it.  Finishing up, I added one more layer of tape at the end of the paper and finished rolling the tube, making sure to secure the paper to the roll.

This is what it will look like covered in paper:

I found that cutting notches on the sides helped the tube fold better.  I ended up smooshing the ends together so that I could more accurately gauge where to make the notches.

Then, just fold the edges towards the center so that they close in on each other.

Finish it off with a bit of ribbon and you’ve got yourself a homemade gift box.  I wrapped the bracelet in some tissue paper so that it wouldn’t make any noise, but this could be a kid’s project too.  You could fill the tube with dried beans or rice before tying it with ribbon for homemade maracas!

It’s not perfect by any means, but this was my first attempt.  I’ll take any suggestions on how to improve the technique, but it was fun!

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