Today’s Walking Soundtrack

19 Apr

I’m taking advantage of my April Vacation by sleeping in until 8am (that’s three extra hours of snooze time, folks), and then hitting the pavement for walks around my neighborhood.  The cows have missed me, I’m sure.  My little clip-on iPod keeps me company, and today’s random playlist was entertaining enough for me to want to share.  I have a pretty diverse love affair with music, and there’s a wide variety of sounds below.  When a song comes on that I love or haven’t heard in a while, my step quickens and my smile widens.  Give a listen to some of these songs.  Maybe add them to your own playlist.  But whatever you do, get out there and enjoy this weather.  Enjoy the sunshine.  Enjoy the chirping birdies.  Enjoy the light breeze.  Enjoy the blooming flowers.  Just enjoy being alive.


Hit the link to check out each song!

Brass Monkey by the Beastie Boys

Smile by Eyedea and Abilities

Knock Knock by Mac Miller

Heartbreaker by Taio Cruz ft. Ludacris

Never Listen to Me by The Thermals

True Believers by the Bouncing Souls

Up, Up and Away by Kid Cudi

Summer Girl by Leighton Meester

Hey Baby (Drop it to the Floor) by Pitbull ft. T-Pain

Only by Anthrax

My Body by Young the Giant

St. Andrews by Bedouin Soundclash

Rank-N-File by Anti-Flag


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