Never Lose Post-it Notes Again!

21 Apr

I spent a lot of time on Pinterest this week, liking and pinning crafts, recipes, design ideas, and photos of homes I doubt I will ever live in.  What I didn’t spend a lot of time doing was actually making these cutesy and delicious looking things.  I know, I know.  I had a whole week off.  I could have tried a new recipe and craft every day.  But I didn’t.  Life was laid back and chill and I needed that more than I needed the bird feeder made from a Gatorade bottle.  Although, I will make that at some point because I do love backyard birdies.

Last night I decided to just go for it and craft.  I had found this nifty idea that a woman had made for teachers’ gifts and I thought that it was really cool.  And I also thought that I could it myself, and pretty inexpensively too!

Here’s a list of what I used:

A clear 5×7 photo frame (found them at The Dollar Tree)

Post-it Notes (again, from The Dollar Tree)

Scrapbook paper (I have tons on hand)

Ribbon (tons on hand)

Double-sided tape

First thing is to trim the scrapbook paper to the right size.  I used the insert from the frame as my guide.  I also decided to use two different pieces of paper in coordinating colors to make it a little more sassy.  I taped them together, although you probably don’t need to.

The next step is to attach the packet of Post-it Notes.  I chose to do off-center them so that the flower paper stood out more.  I also decided to load up the backside with double-sided tape for more staying power.  Guaranteed not to fall off now!

The final step is decorating the frame.  I used some ribbon and punched out a tag.  I wrote “Write it Down” on the tag because I am the girl who always says I’ll remember something and then I completely forget it.  You could glue dried flowers to the frame, or sequins.  Sequins make everything fabulous.  You could also use puffy stickers or paint to personalize the frames.  I ended up making another one as well.  This project takes less than ten minutes and is tons of fun.  These really would make a great gift for a teacher or someone at an office.

Enjoy the crafting!

One Response to “Never Lose Post-it Notes Again!”

  1. Darilyn DeMaria July 6, 2013 at 11:24 am #

    You have inspired me! I pin so much and don’t do anything. I am changing schools and will miss my old team so much, but I love this and think I can DO this. What a sweet surprise for each one to see on their desk first day of school!

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