An Interval Workout That I Actually Like

14 May

I firmly believe that I am the reason publishers line the checkout lanes at the grocery store with magazines.  I’m constantly picking the latest issues of Cosmo, Good Housekeeping, and more, but I especially love the Prevention Guides.  Not Prevention Magazine itself, but the special issues that boast tricks to sleeping better and shedding 10 pounds with a brand new walking routine.  Oh, yes.  I get sucked in.  Just like I used to get sucked in with the dieting and exercising infomercials.  The original Power 90, Kathy Smith’s Body Makeover, and The Firm super high step that is supposed to help my butt get more firm are all taking up valuable real estate in my living room.  I keep telling myself some day…

But back to the Prevention Guides.  This one is my FAVORITE by far:

This was on newsstands, or in my case the checkout lane at the market, in the early part of 2010.  There are a number of wonderful things in this issue, but one of my most favorite parts is the Belly-Blasting Intervals workout.  It is an equipment-free routine that alternates 20 seconds of vigorous activity with 40 second recovery bouts.  The great thing about this workout is that you can do all 30 minutes, or stop at 20, or even 10.  You can make it fit YOUR life.

Belly Blasting Interval

It’s easy to modify this workout, so don’t freak out if the high intensity intervals seem crazy or unmanageable.  For the Claps, I don’t hop, but rather just raise my knee as high as possible.  You can alter all of the moves if you need to so that the workout works for you.  When I do this workout, I set my phone up next to the television.  Using the timer on the phone, I can keep track of the intervals AND watch the news or something as well.  This issue also has an awesome 6-minute interval workout that I guarantee will have you sweating.  These moves are brought to you by Tracey Mallett, author of Sexy in 6.

6 Minute Intervals

Enjoy these workouts, and let me know of any changes you make to them, or if you have an interval workout that you really like!

2 Responses to “An Interval Workout That I Actually Like”

  1. L @ Trying Not to be Fat May 14, 2012 at 12:41 pm #

    I prefer to do interval workouts over anything else. I’ve heard that they’re a better way to go, but honestly, they just FEEL like better workouts.

    • stacy1220 May 14, 2012 at 1:10 pm #

      I totally agree! When you keep doing something different, it staves off boredom. And the time factor helps too! I would much rather get a lot of movement in during a shorter workout!

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