Chocolate Almond Cake Mix Cookies

8 Jul

As you may or may not have noticed, I haven’t posted anything in several weeks.  With school, and my relationship, ending, I found myself at odds with myself.  (That was an Austin Powers’ moment!)  If you ever watched the Gilmore Girls, you might remember when Rory and Dean broke up.  Instead of being upset, she went to the opposite extreme:  organized, go-getter, I’m-not-going-to-let-this-bring-me-down.  Lorelei told Rory that it was okay to be upset, in fact, it was necessary to wallow.  Well, Rory didn’t want to wallow until the end of the episode when she finally broke down and realized that wallowing WAS necessary. That’s where I’ve been – mourning the end of something that was a huge part of my life.  And now I’m finding my way back to myself, and the first place I looked was in the kitchen.

My mother used to make cake mix cookies when I was a little girl.  They were quick and easy and she let me stir the ingredients.  Sometimes she would make vanilla cookies and cover them with sprinkles.  Other times it was chocolate cookies with chocolate chips.  The possibilities really were, and still are, endless.

The other day, I was cleaning out the pantry when I came across a box of devil’s food cake mix that was going to expire in about a week.  In an effort not to waste anything, I decided to try my hand at some cookies.  One thing I was sure of what that I didn’t want to use oil like my mother did, so I found a ton of recipes online that used different ingredients.  I settled on one that used milk, butter, and an egg.  The almond part was my idea.  I love almond.

Ingredients – you probably already have everything you need!

One thing I should note is that this was the thickest batter I have ever made; even thicker than brownie batter!  I used my hand mixer, and the poor little thing sounded as if death was one rotation away.  Next time I will definitely pull out my Kitchen Aide.

Here’s the recipe I used:  Chocolate Almond Cake Mix Cookies

I decided to make and attach a document with the recipe this time because that would probably be easier for you all.  I mean, this way, you can just click on it and print!

These cookies come out light and soft and super tasty.  Play around with combinations too.  Think chopped nuts, dried fruit, chocolate chips, sprinkles (like my mom), different extracts (I’m thinking a vanilla cookie with orange extract), and more!  Seriously, endless possibilities for things you probably already have in your pantry.


One Response to “Chocolate Almond Cake Mix Cookies”

  1. alundeberg July 8, 2012 at 12:13 pm #

    These look like a very yummy way to help with life’s transitions.

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