What Makes a Successful Weekend?

17 Jul

I was reading some of the news articles on Yahoo when I came across this little gem: What Successful People Know About Weekends.

While it is a short article, it really made an impact on me after reading it.  A lot of time, especially during the school year, I feel like I’ve squandered my precious weekend time away.  There are always chores that need to get done because they seem impossible during the week, or essays that need to get read because, again, it is impossible to get to them any other time.  I never feel like I’m taking advantage of my time, and I want to be in the moment from now on.  No more dwelling in the past, and no more worrying (without good reason) about the future.

This article suggests that we make a plan as to how we would like to spend our weekends and stick to it.  There can still be time for work and chores, but it shouldn’t take over the weekend.  There needs to be time to do the fun stuff, see friends and family, try new things, and just relax.  It’s about being productive and realizing that there are more hours in the weekend than we think and taking advantage of those hours.

Read the article.  See if it makes sense for your life.  If even offers a couple of plausible schedules.  As a teacher, I love models.  I mean, really.  How can we can expect anyone to follow directions without a little nudge sometimes?

So, in honor of the article and wanting to be a successful weekend person, I’m going to start my list here.  Now.

  1. Make a new recipe and invite friends over to try it.
  2. Make a new craft.
  3. Find a new trail to walk or hike.
  4. Visit a local museum.
  5. Wander around a farmer’s market.
  6. Have a Google face chat with a far-away friend.
  7. Read a book on the patio.
  8. Try a new yoga routine.
  9. Get to the beach.
  10. Write. (not comments on students’ papers, but my own stuff)
  11. Take a class at Michael’s (the arts and crafts store).
  12. Take advantage of Groupon and Living Social for a weekend away.
  13. Finally finish reading The Picture of Dorian Gray.
  14. Find someone to speak (and practice) Italian with.
  15. Go to a flea market and find something cool to repurpose or make new again.
  16. Borrow my friends’ kids and do something fun and silly. (I will willingly return the mini-people.)
  17. Get a massage.
  18. Actually read and try some of the things I’ve pinned on Pinterest.
  19. Explore a nearby place that I’ve probably been to a million times, but never really seen.
  20. Write letters and mail them.  Real, handwritten notes to people I love.

Writing this list was harder than I thought.  I really had to think about what would make my time more meaningful and what would actually make me happy.  The author of the article suggested writing at least 100 items, but just these 20 took me forever.  I think I’ll start small.

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