Ciao, Tutti!  My name is Stacy, and I’m here to share some of my thirty-something wisdom with you.  This blog, at least so far, is a collection of things that matter to me – food (I am half-Sicilian, after all), crafts (watch out, Martha), the fight to get fit, teaching (I’m a high school English teacher), living with fibromyalgia, and the love of my life:  my dog.

I’m looking at this About section as a personal ad, so here some things that you should know about me:  I’m a teacher by profession, and a writer by destiny.  I’m a poet in pursuit of an MFA.  I prefer the beach in the early morning or at night.  I like to wander around new places and see what happens.  I love love love shoes.  And floppy hats.  And books.  And photography.  And my dog.  I really like to have green things around, but I manage to kill all plants that make their way into my life.  I have fibromylagia, and there some days that I can’t even function.  But I never give up, I never complain, and I never let it win.  I love to cook, but will never post my Nonna’s Sunday sauce recipe; there are some things that are sacred, and that’s one of them.  My pursuit of knowledge is ongoing.

2 Responses to “About”

  1. Rebecca Troxler July 10, 2013 at 4:03 pm #

    I happily came across your blog today. We have many things in common: teaching, writing, shoes, wanderlust, books, cooking, weight loss, photography, and dogs.

    I am humbled and inspired by you. I have never left a response on a blog, but I truly felt compelled to respond to yours.

    Thank you. I plan to follow your journey and am considering starting a blog on my own. Would it be plagiarism to have it called “Forty-Something and Fabulous”?

    I wish I could tell you that everything works out, gets easier with time, and that you will find happiness, but I simply can’t. I will tell you that I think what you are doing is completely worth it– it may not be evident right away, or ever, but keep it up :).


    • stacy1220 July 17, 2013 at 6:26 am #

      And I am humbled by your complements!

      I haven’t posted on this blog in quite some time; maybe it’s time to do so again.

      There is my newest venture: getting fit once again. My arse needs to get into shape! But it seems I need to share my time between the two blogs.

      Thank you for the kind words and good luck with your own journey. May it be fabulous!

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